Mercedes-Benz SK Trucks | Drive-by Snapshots by Sebastian Motsch (2012)

Mercedes-Benz NG | The New Generation is (re)tired now

Flag South AfricaSomewhere in the Free State, south of Bloemfontein. We are on our way from Capetown to Johannesburg on the N1, being treated to a stunning sunset in the beautiful landscape. The road ahead is straight and smooth. We stop at a little rest area under a bridge and find a pair of tired looking Mercedes-Benz trucks, sitting peacefully on a flatbed trailer and enjoying the warm light of the low sun.
Mind you, the lorries of the New Generation are considered classics by now in Germany and eligible to wear Historic license plates.

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Transports Rougier N21 | Drive-by Snapshots by Sebastian Motsch (2009)

Transports Rougier

Flag FranceA late afternoon in September 2009. The low sun provided a special light to the French landscape and the sky was filled with heavy clouds. We were driving along the Route Nationale 21 between Périgeux and Limoges, as the first lightning of a nearing thunderstorm stroke. A classic Mack truck was sitting at the intersection in Les Thermes Ouest. I stopped briefly to take a picture, and found the spotless Transports Rougier fleet in the background…

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Sercel Nomad 65 Neo | Broadband vibrators

Flag FranceA beautiful Sunday afternoon, driving along the Doubs river in France with the convertible top down. We found this pair of Convoi Exceptionnel trucks, parked opposite the lock between Le Barre and Ranchot . The load looked quite interesting and we stopped to have a look. We could only guess the function of these impressive machines, named Sercel Nomad 65. But the internet is our friend and a quick Google search later, we knew that these machines are in fact broadband vibrators used for geological survey activities. If you want to learn more about it, check out the Sercel homepage or download the Nomad 65 Neo press release PDF.

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