Audi 100 Avant C3 Norway 2014 | Drive-by Snapshots by Sebastian Motsch (2014)

Well then… here we go again!

Flag NorwayAfter a week of posting yellow and blue vehicles – the posting blues hit me, quite literally. But now, quite a few business trips later I’m back with more Drive-by Snapshots for you to enjoy!

Let’s start things off with something you don’t see often on the roads these days. This particular Audi 100 Avant looks like it has seen better days. But mind you – the chaps driving it now sure have more fun with it than they could ever have in a bone-stock C3. You  might want to call it blasphemy… but actually it is quite clever to give this exact vehicle the rat look treatment, with plenty of surface rust. Corrosion on a C3 Audi? You must be kidding! Didn’t Audi make a big fuss about their cars being 100% galvanized? Only to sneakily omit it on the next generation (C4) without telling anyone about it. Oh… you just gotta love the irony 🙂

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