Renault Alpine Axel Reß | Drive-by Snapshots by Sebastian Motsch (2011)

Alpine findings in the Rhön mountains

Flag GermanyOne day in February 2011 I drove through an unfamiliar town in the Rhön mountains. I spotted the familiar shape of an Alpine A610 and immediately thought I should make a U-turn and stop quickly to check it out. To my surprise I found even more Alpine goodness that made me drool. It seems like the proprietor, Axel Reß, knows a thing or two about the beautiful French sports cars. There have been quite a few awesome cars and engines in the showroom. Unfortunately the shop was closed that day and there was nobody around to answer a few questions. I should actually go back there some day…

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dbs Renault Alpine A110 Andelot-Blancheville | Drive-by Snapshots by Sebastian Motsch (2010)

Renault Alpine A110 à Andelot-Blancheville

Flag FranceOn our way to a wedding in France we opted to take the more scenic Routes Nationales. Driving two days instead of one and taking pictures of interesting things on the way is just so much better than trundling along on the boring Autoroute at 130 km/h. Entering the tranquil town Andelot-Blancheville we found the central plaza full of interesting classic and vintage vehicles, one of which was this Gordini blue Renault Alpine A110 in front of the Hotel-Restaurant Le Cantarel. I especially liked the perfect color-matched parking. Look closely and you will find hints of future posts in the window reflection of the restaurant.

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Renault 5 A5 Turbo | Drive-by Snapshots by Sebastian Motsch (2009)

Renault R5 A5 Turbo | Up the hip!

Flag FranceFinding this little gem in Hossegor was a treat. The silver of the Renault 5 A5 Turbo matched the orange in the background perfectly. Looking at the picture again recently while resizing it and adding the watermark, I discovered something in the picture that I had missed previously: the store is called HIP UP – and the little girl is sitting up on daddy’s hip. Funny coincidence, isn’t it?

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