Yellow and Blue | Day four

While digging through my picture archives, I became aware of having many pictures that have one thing in common: matching color schemes. It really is interesting how some color combinations can be found whichever country you go to. This week I’m going to feature a selection of pictures containing the bright colors Yellow & Blue.

OK then, this is day four of the special week and here are six pictures for you to drool over:

Day four | Matching backgrounds

Found this sign at the beach in Durban, just after coming out of the water with by (rented) board. I really think they should mount these facing the other direction, so you can see them before you go surfing 😉

dbs Yellow and Blue Surf sign Durban | Drive-by Snapshots by Sebastian Motsch (2014)

This yellow Mitsubishi tow truck was conveniently parked in front of a building with blue window frames in downtown Durban.

dbs Yellow and Blue Mitsubishi Wrecker Durban ZA | Drive-by Snapshots by Sebastian Motsch (2014)

Day four | Race cars

If this Ford Sierra XR4i didn’t have a couple of red stickers, it would be matching this weeks’ topic 100%…

dbs Yellow and Blue Ford Sierra XR4i | Drive-by Snapshots by Sebastian Motsch (2014)

…whereas the Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evo 2 is a little more subdued with the white elements of the JET livery. Beautiful!

dbs Yellow and Blue Mercedes-Benz 190E 25-16 Evo2 JET | Drive-by Snapshots by Sebastian Motsch (2014)

Day four | Other vehicles

While crossing the Firth of Forth and looking at the famous railroad bridge, which you can see a glimpse of on the right side, a yellow and blue DAF truck with a matching flatbed trailer drove into the picture. It was then and there that I first thought about posting a selection of similarly colored vehicles.

dbs Yellow and Blue DAF 95 Semi Truck Firth of Forth | Drive-by Snapshots by Sebastian Motsch (2014)

The last picture is the best picture, in my opinion. This is such a timeless scene, the picture might be 15 years old and nobody would be even doubt it. Actually, this was taken en route from Capetown to Johannesburg in Laingsburg. Click here to see the place without the Golf. Mind you, there is not a whole lot to see in Laingsburg, so we visited the Vloedmuseum and bought baie lekker Biltong in the shop next door.

dbs Yellow and Blue VW Golf Mk1 South Africa | Drive-by Snapshots by Sebastian Motsch (2014)