FIAT Ritmo 65 CL Strasbourg France | Drive-by Snapshots by Sebastian Motsch (2016)

FIAT Ritmo 65 CL and a beautiful old lady in Strasbourg, France

“A beautiful lady is an accident of nature. A beautiful old lady is a work of art.”   Louis Nizer

Dear readers,

you might be wondering why I choose this quote to accompany todays post. Both the FIAT Ritmo 65 CL and the graffitti snake in the cover picture have a bewildered surprised expression on their faces, as if they are wondering about the same thing.

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Dodge Challenger SRT-8 392 Hemi Muscat Oman | Drive-by Snapshots by Sebastian Motsch (2016)

Dodge Challenger SRT-8 392 Hemi | Abandoned near Muscat, Oman

“Don’t become a mere recorder of facts, but try to penetrate the mystery of their origin.”   Ivan Pavlov

Avid readers might remember the JDM goodness I found in Muscat right the sun rose out of the ocean. Driving  northwest along the coast on a Friday was a great opportunity to take pictures of vehicles that wouldn’t be there any other day of the week. More on all the 4×4 vehicles I found there will be covered in a different story here on I circled the new airport development and just before I reached the city limits, a baby blue vehicle caught my attention. Naturally, I turned off the main road to check it out.

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Mercedes-Benz TAXI Concept | artwork by Jonas Franz (2017)

Taxis aus aller Welt

Taxis aus aller Welt

Wer diese Überschrift liest denkt meist sofort an weltbekannte Klassiker wie das London Taxi oder die Yellow Cabs in New York. Aber wie sehen Taxis in anderen Ländern und Städten aus? Wer erinnert sich noch daran nach einer Fahrt mit der Deutschen Bahn am Bahnhof den Taxistand zu suchen und dort lange Reihen fast identischer Mercedes-Benz Taxis der Baureihe W123 zu finden? Alle im typischen Farbton RAL 1015 Hellelfenbein lackiert und innen meist mit strapazierfähigem, schwarzem MB Tex ausgestattet.
Begleiten Sie mich auf eine kurze Reise und lernen sie kennen, welch bunte Vielfalt sich weltweit hinter dem Wort TAXI verbirgt.
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Toyota Carina TA20 | Gatebil Rudskogen

“Everyone says Toyota is the best company in the world, but the customer doesn’t care about the world. They care if we are the best in town, or not. That’s what I want to be.”   Akio Toyoda

Mr. Toyoda-san was proven right in 1979 when a customer decided to buy the best car in town. He or she could have chosen something entirely else, but for some reason or another this plain white 2-door Toyota Carina TA20 got picked.
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1932 Ford 5-window hot rod Angeles City Philippines | drive-by snapshots by Sebastian Motsch (2017)

1932 Ford Hot Rod in Angeles City

“The marvels of daily life are exciting. No movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the street.”   Robert Doisneau

Unexpected finds put the biggest smiles on my face. Much as the Beetles in Bangkok, this sparkling red 1932 Ford 5-window hot rod suddenly appeared on the side of the road in Angeles City, Philippines. The for sale sign in the windshield told us to call Steve, but unfortunately there was no time to further investigate the details of this classic vehicle. It’s up to you to guess the engine and transmission specs and whether this is a steel or plastic body. All I can tell you from the brief glance is that it is in mint condition. Enjoy the pictures!

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